Turn Figma designs into
high-quality code

Pygma generates the quality of code that you’d expect from a professional developer - readable and true to the design.

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Works with HTML, CSS and React. More options coming soon.

Move fast and make things

Developers and designers use Pygma to significantly cut down the time spent on coding up Figma designs, allowing agencies, freelancers and product teams to operate at greater speed.

Less grunt work, more value creation

Pygma automates most of the repetitive coding that developers need to do to recreate designs from Figma, freeing them up to spend time on what makes them valuable.

Code that's true to the design

The code that Pygma generates matches the design not just in appearance but also in behaviour. Input fields in the design become input fields in the code.

Handles all aspects of handoff

Pygma also generates icons, design tokens, and compressed images from your designs, ready to be quickly integrated into your development workflow.

Minimal code rewriting

Other code generation tools use absolute positioning and bad code that needs to be rewritten anyway. Pygma produces much better code out of the box and learns over time to generate code similar how a developer on the team would write it.